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You wake up in a mystical cabin, tied to a chair and facing a boiling cauldron. Next to that cauldron is a very eager witch who soon explains that he is making soup.

And you are the final ingredient!

Try to escape this disastrous encounter, or else you could become his very delicious witch soup!

Warning: Vague mentions of cruel or weird violence in a comedic manner.


✶  Interactive choices

✶  3 CGs

✶  10+ Endings

✶  ~10-15 minute gameplay


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WITCHSOUP-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 34 MB
WITCHSOUP-1.0-mac.zip 29 MB
WITCHSOUP-1.0-pc.zip 45 MB


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I love dating sims that aren't quite dating sims. I know there are more cgs but I'm not smart enough to find them and so I am happy with my new witchy husband <3


I feel like we should be able to use the scisors on him or drown him in the pot and get a different type of bad end for that one, something like "Escape: Cruel end" or "Escape: Murderer" it just seems like those are options that should be there.

Other than that it was a really fun game and I really enjoyed the marrage ending (I'm not gay, I swear).

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I found the marriage ending to be really cute

I agree, it was really cute.

i will cry. i keep getting bad endings i can't stand it anymore/j


I don't know what to say except Iyo is too cute for me to handle- 
And I enjoyed the wedding ending a lot, this is such a cute game:D


it seems that unless you marry him he ends up eating you.. lol


I like this game, it's so cute and funny <33 would be nice if you could make a dating sim with Iyo, he's just so adorable!!

I agree we need ittt

I agree xD


i loved every second of this <3


Omg it's sooo cute, thanks for that !


Iyo is so cute and sweet, i found this funny tho

Iyo: "any last words?"

MC: "I love you :c"

Iyo: "Rest in pieces!"

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hey pacchi studio!! i absolutely loved this game and i think that Iyo is super cute and would really appreciate it if you made a dating sim with him!!! /j


Really cute game.


Vv cute game and plot

Love the purple theme


spoilery comment—

I tried to get all the endings and I think I got most of them! the wedding one is still my favorite though, lol. btw, I only got like, one CG, the wedding one, were there supposed to be others? or am I just confusing some of the sprites with the other two? anyway, it's a great game in more ways than one! I, like many others, wouldn't mind having an ACTUAL dating sim as a sequel! :D


Such a sweet game (even though we may become soup lol) ! 

Iyo's way too adorable for someone we have to escape from, honestly, 

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iyo in every bad ending: mm good soup

this is a very fun little game and very good if you want something quick and entertaining to download!

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AAAAAA QAQ Iyo is freaking adorable no matter what happened. Especially when he's freaking shy and blushing >//< I love the marriage art <3 it cute


He's creepy but at the same time very adorable

Tbh being his food is not bad ykyk/ hj

Would be great if there's a dating sim 🧍🏻‍♀️ srs


he can eat me /hj



"/hj" means half joking!

i know that....im justing concerned about the "half" part of it.....

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This game is hecking adorable! I want a full version as a dating sim wif dat clueless but absendminded witch!

Saw an exception on the Windows version when clicking History tho:

(in 00gamemenu.rpy) Could not find font u'fonts/Charmonman-Regular.ttf'

Perhaps the font should be included in the bundle?

or use a different free font to include?

or use a font Windows users have by default?

it's not game-breaking tho :3


Make a dating sim out of this game  <33


If the silly man is popular enough, I just may XDD


how popular is "popular enuf" tho? @.@


Sadly, I get a "Failed to create PayPal payment (422)" error when trying to actually pay for the game :(

'popular enuf' does sound tempting XD
Ohhh! That's strange! I re-connected paypal, although everything appears to be functioning on my end :0 It's okay if it doesn't end up working!


Ah! It worked now :3


Cute and funny! I enjoyed it. Surprised that I managed to survive on my first try, though perhaps not in the way I would have wanted to...


Cute!!! this has to be one of my favorite dating sims its cute, great music, and  I really like how the characters answers are formatted! 10/10 


I did a lil gameplay- but here comes my review!

Five Stars!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

It’s a cute short game to play and I enjoyed trying to get the other endings! Thank you for making such a cute game and I’ll be checking out your other games as well~ ヾ(≧▽≦*)o


I’m happy that I got the marriage ending it was just adorable!


Came here because of ManlyBadassHero and fell in love with the game. It's short but cute and I can say that as twisted as he is... Iyo has a piece of my heart. Literally please tell him to return it.

Me too



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Will you ever make a part 2 ? I really hope so


this was so cute omg- Tbh, I'd let someone that cute boil me and eat me, He's just too cute I can't-

I cant get it to work cuz im on mobile :') help me i need this to wooorrkkk :) i still give it a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Forgot to comment on this cuz I played it few weeks ago, but I really enjoyed the short fun experience of dating a witch playing the game! I think I got all of the endings and i love the marriage end the most! ( ˘ ³˘)♥ oh yeah also i got this error when opening the backlog, just to let you know if you haven't

this was so so cute!!!


this was really cute and fun to play!! iyo is adorable <3

Aww thank you so much for the compliment!! Happy you had fun <3333

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FIVE 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 STARS!!!


Iyo was super cute! And the storyline was very funny and fun! I kept laughing at my conversation with Iyo~♡♡♡

I hope this game gets more attention and someday it will have more features or upgrades!

But i already love this game how it is right now so all in all, its good! \(*w*)/

My wedding with Iyo is the best thing ever ○♡○

I love him so much☆♡☆♡☆

Thank you for making this amazing game!


Aww I am so happy you enjoyed the wedding~ Best ending LOLOL
I am happy he was fun to interact with! 

Perhaps he may pop up in future games down the road~


whoa cool

Thank you so much!!


That would be a good fit if its was a girl!


is it too late for me to download?

Not at all, you are free to download and play!


Alright cool btw i decided to give you a 5 star rating hope it helps you out

omg thank you so much!! It truly does, you are so kind! Thank you 😭✨💕💕



I love how it feels like I'm solving a riddle, trying to choose the right words to say that'll keep me from becoming soup! So many bad ends (unless you're into vore lol) but wedding end is my favorite >U<

Thank you for playing! I’m glad you had a lot of fun with it! (This could very well be a good game for this into that LOLOL) And daww, hope the honey moon goes well with him! XD


Looking forward to this!  Please let me know when it's out!

Thank you so much! It's coming out in a couple hours in fact!


Oh snap! :D


Played it, love it!  Got an error when I tried to scoot toward the door: "could not find label 'door'"

I’m glad you loved it! I’m so sorry about the error, I just fixed it and the fixed version is being uploaded, thank you! 




Sounds cute. But kinda scary?


It gets a bit dark- But it'll be way more comedic! XD